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We all have the power to create, inspire and pay it forward. When we do it together, we create a movement. When we pass ideas on, we change the world. Would you like to be involved in season two of The Legacy Stories? Would you like to donate time, skills, ideas or come on board as a funding or media partner?

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The Legacy Stories 2019: Nominations are open

Legacy Makers are people who have achieved success in their respective fields, but they will also be selected based on how they live their lives and the values that they embody. Legacy Makers are people who use their success to improve the lives of others and use their talents to make a difference in the world. Would you like to nominate yourself or someone else as a Legacy Maker for 2019? Send us a 60 second motivation video. Tell us who you are, why you are a Legacy Maker and what your advice would be to the next generation. Don’t forget to include the category you are nominating in:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Innovation
  • Education & Youth Development
  • Social Cause
  • Legend in the Making
  • Resilience & Triumph
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