the legacy stories

The Legacy Stories, 60 seconds of impact

Instead of an event, in celebration of her 60th birthday, Liesl has decided to create a platform on which to champion the stories of 60 people she has mentored or been inspired by; people she believes are Legacy Makers in their own right. In correlation with her life long passion for entrepreneurship, the African youth, and business innovation, Liesl has launched an initiative called The Legacy Stories, 60 Seconds of Impact. This is a multidisciplinary project series led by 60 second videos of Legacy Makers Inspiring the next generation. These, and all content related to the project will be available on the website and social media platforms.

Our aim:

  • To echo the call of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in asking: “What is your legacy and what will you leave behind for the next generation?”

  • To create a continuous cycle of sharing, celebrating and inspiring, from legacy makers to legends in the making.

  • To showcase the role that every entrepreneur, business person and legacy maker can play in stimulating the economy and creating future leaders - no matter how small or big

Who are the Legacy Makers?

Legacy Makers are people who have inspired Liesl either through a direct relationship during her years in business, or who have had an impact on her brand, HDI Youth Marketeers, and have lived values that inspire others. Liesl’s passion has always been entrepreneurship, African Youth and business innovation, themes that have encouraged the following five categories for nominations:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business innovation
  • Education & youth development
  • Social cause
  • Legends in the making
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