the legacy stories

Kim Cloete

At just 16 years old Kim Cloete began her career in the arts. Cloete’s natural ability to make raw connections with people and acting talent catapulted her into a life of stage theatre as well as TV and radio presenting. She has been involved in some rather astounding productions such as Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Peter Pan and a West End play which saw a Kanna nomination for best actress. After many years of acting and as a result thereof, traveling, Cloete returned to Johannesburg to take on the duty as a partner of a production company called Afrokaans. As well as her involvement in the production field Cloete has developed a NGO called Dreamerschild which aims at dealing with the protection of women and children from all forms of abuse and hopes to shed light on the threat of human trafficking in South Africa. Despite Cloete’s difficult circumstances as a child, growing up in the Cape Flats, she has proven that one is not defined by their circumstances. She is proof that even those who are autodidactic can make it big in the industry.
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