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Quinne Brown

Actress and birth worker Quinne Brown is a strong supporter of the recognition and equal treatment of women. During her five years (2000-2005) as a soap actress on the popular show 7de Laan, Quinne Brown became involved in South Africa’s transformation process through her charity work and public appearances. These included promotional appearances for 7deLaan, facilitating shows, and working both as an MC and as a public speaker at various charity fundraisers and shows throughout South Africa. Brown, the mother of two girls, currently works as an actress, public speaker, an ambassador for Special Olympics and for the anti-bullying, Brave Heart Initiative. Her ability to tackle some of our country’s most pressing issues while upholding an admirable reputation as a professional actress makes Brown an icon for other South Africans. If she can balance the difficulties of a career, motherhood and the tackling of third-world problems why can’t we all?
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