The Legacy Stories, #InSearchOfTheStory

We believe in the power of storytelling. It has the power to inspire and change a narrative.  Welcome to the Legacy Stories Series, now including corporate, brand and cause stories. The Legacy Stories uses the power of storytelling to showcase the journeys and insights of various Legacy Makers, be it influential or everyday individuals, be it brands, corporates or causes. The stories dig deeper into the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of building a positive legacy. Our vision is to create the biggest community of positive thought leaders and role models in Africa. Legacy Makers, inspiring Legends in the Making. We will all leave a legacy…our mission is to help South African’s make it a positive one.

We are #InSearchOfTheStory

Our aim

We aim to shift the paradigm of many young South Africans and emerging entrepreneurs who are unmotivated or crippled by anxiety, fear and a lack of guidance. We aim to create a generation of future leaders that are hopeful, motivated and believe in themselves.

Our inspiration

The Legacy Stories is the brainchild of Liesl Loubser, founder and previous CEO of HDI Youth Marketeers. Rather than celebrating with a 60th birthday party in 2018, she chose to create a platform on which to champion the stories of 60 people she has mentored or been inspired by; people she believes are Legacy Makers in their own right. The Legacy Stories is a continuation of her lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, the African youth, and business innovation.